Our luxury sarongs are the most beautiful works of art, hand printed using the complex and skilled craft of batiking.

Batiking is a very traditional form of hand printing by skilled artisans, who intricately decorateArt of hand Batiking natural fabrics with the most beautiful and colourful dyes. Each sarong is created individually by hand using either a copper batik "stamp" or a free hand form of canting. Canting involves using a small pan of hot wax, and with a hand held pipe the wax is allowed to fall onto the fabric to create an intricate design. The fabric will be waxed, dyed, then the wax removed ready for the next colour and pattern, and finally washed and dried for the process of adding more colours and patterns.

Each individual sarong can take several days to produce and to create the stunning, quality prints and gorgeous colour tones you see on our sarongs. Our sarongs are batiked in small batches, by the same group of artisans who have passed their unique skills and designs down through generations, over hundreds of years.

Our sarongs are incredibly versatile. Measuring generally at around 1.1 mtr x 1.7 mtr they are a fabulously generous size, and will fit any type of figure, big or small old or young. They really are the perfect travelling essential, and can be worn as skirts, dresses, blouses, wraps, shawls, scarves, tops, or just thrown onto a bed or sofa. The viscose sarongs can even be used as beach towels!

Each sarong is supplied with a free buckle, and an illustrated booklet showing you the many ways  you can wear it. See just how versatile our sarongs really are by watching the videos on the website that show you how easy it is to tie your sarong in an amazing number of different ways.

Buy one of our luxury sarongs and you’re not just getting an incredibly versatile piece of clothing, but an exquisite and unique work of art to be treasured and admired forever.

Amanda Burwell UK