To tie and wear a sarong as a strapless dress

Fold the sarong in two, using the widest length of silk, and take the buckle in your hand. Wrap around your body from behind, pulling each side to the front of you in your hands. Then thread each side through the 2 holes in the buckle, feeding it through until it fits snuggly around the top of your bust, then take each piece of silk under your arm and behind your body and tuck in to the top of the back of the silk, or tie in a small knot.


An alternative on how to wear a sarong is to do the same as above, but this time, feed the silk through the buckle, and then tie a bow in the front which allows this one size fits all, to work for any one.

Another option of how to tie a sarong is to bring the two sides to the front, don't use the buckle and just fold and twist as if tying a knot, just above your bust and then pull the two ends together and tie behind your neck in a halter neck shape.


How to wear a sarong as a skirt
There are several ways on how to wear a sarong as a skirt, the easiest way is to wrap the sarong around your waist with the boarder going down each side, in the front. Using a belt, just fasten it around your waist, (stretchy belts are ideal) then drape the remaining fabric over the belt. This makes a very elegant skirt that can be worn to dinner or out in the day. The other way is to tie on the hip and let the two ends hang down.
The sarong can also be wrapped around the body, and then using the buckle  to feed the ends through on the hip at the front or on the side, and as the buckle locks the  silk, they hang very elegantly without " bulking" and are quick and easy to put on.


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