Our Silk Sarongs and scarves, are hand made, using no machinery, by local skilled craftsmen in Indonesia, using traditional methods inherited from generation to generation. We whole heartedly care about our supply chain, and supporting smaller community businesses. so no Mass production, no synthetic materials, and creating a product of beauty by hand that will last a lifetime.  Not only are we proud of that  that but we believe in slow fashion, so our silk sarongs can be worn in SO many ways, for 12 months of the year.   From a scarf  during the cold winter months  to a beautiful dress, skirt, shawl, or sarong  in the summer months. No children are used in any part of the process, small groups of  traditional skilled batik printers use  block stamps, hand drawn wax, poured through a narrow pipe called cianting. traditional  tie dye, and copper stamps with bespoke designs. see the process in detail HERE